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Wedding Policy and Planning

Church Building Policies

As stewards of the house of worship that is Milford United Methodist Church, the Administrative Council, Board of Trustees, and the clergy have established policies for weddings held here. The policies will help you to know what to expect from the church and to know what the church expects from you, as well as some of the reasoning behind those expectations.

Notice of your Plans

It is important to contact our clergy at the earliest possible date to reserve the church and the clergy services for your wedding. Clergy may be contacted through the church office at 248-684-2798. Weddings should be scheduled at least six months in advance, if possible. This will not only secure the use of the church, but also enable you to schedule premarital counseling sessions with the pastor. Clergy are in charge of all weddings in the church to which they are appointed. All wedding plans must be discussed with them.

A guest minister must be invited by a resident clergyperson in order to assist at, or preform, a wedding in the church. Please make such requests known to the clergy so that proper arrangements can be made.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Smoking is prohibited in the church building. If anyone must smoke outdoors, please make sure that smoking materials are properly disposed of in containers provided. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the church building and on church property.

Rice or Confetti

Rice, birdseed, or confetti are not to be used on church property. Bubbles can be used and should be passed out after the ceremony.

Responsibility for Facility Use

You are fully responsible for loss and damage to church property during your use of the church. The church assumes no responsibility for personal injury or loss of personal property. Besides the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, you will also have use of rooms for dressing and gathering before the ceremony.

Christian Marriage

The rite of Christian marriage is one of the most beautiful and sacred services within the Christian faith community. As we are reminded at each wedding, “Marriage is an honorable estate, instituted by God…” Be sure to keep this in mind as you plan and prepare for your wedding day. This is a holy and sacred covenant that you are making with each other – and with God. Within the service of Christian marriage, participants need to be aware of the abiding presence of God which undergirds the ritual. We are asking God to be present not only in your wedding, but in your marriage and in your life together. A wedding service is more than an opportunity to get dressed up in a tuxedo and a gown. It is more  that witnessing the signing of a legal contract; more than the prelude to the reception. A Christian wedding is a worshipful celebration, as you ask God to bless your marriage from the very beginning and to help you find fulfillment within your marital commitment. The church provides more than a lovely setting for your wedding; it offers a Christian foundation for your marriage.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling sessions will not only facilitate your relationship with the clergy, but are designed to deepen your relationship with each other and offer you some “tools” for building a Christian marriage. It is also during these meetings that plans for the wedding can be discussed and finalized. Generally, three or four meetings of one hour are scheduled. The wedding coordinator will attend part of one session. Please complete the Wedding Information Sheet and bring it with you to the first meeting.


Music is often an important part of the wedding service and should be selected in keeping with the sacredness of the occasion. Some popular love songs are not appropriate for use in the service and, therefore, should not be used. Music should be discussed with the clergy before final decisions are made.

If organ music is desired, the church organist must be employed. Since our organ is an expensive instrument, only qualified persons are allowed to play it. The church sound system is available for recorded music and has CD and cassette capabilities. The system also has projection capabilities. A church sound system technician must be employed to run the system.

Flowers & Candles

Contact your florist as soon as possible. In addition to flowers, a florist can provide you with an aisle runner if you plan to use one. Flowers should be in place at least one hour prior to the ceremony. Candelabras, altar candlesticks, and wooden aisle candleholders are available for your use. Candles for the altar are provided by the church. Other decorations may be put in place the day of the wedding or rehearsal, or other time by arrangement with the wedding coordinator.

Pictures & Video

Please be sure your wedding guest and professional photographer understand that NO FLASH PICTURES are to be taken during the ceremony. This distracts from the sacredness of the ceremony. Any portion of the service can be re-staged following the ceremony. Videos can provide a lasting reminder of your wedding. Check with the clergy for best placement of video cameras to eliminate distractions during the ceremony.

The Rehearsal

The time of the rehearsal should be set with the clergy at one of the pre-marital meetings. EVERYONE in the wedding party should be present at the rehearsal. Please notify the clergy in advance if anyone in the wedding party is unable to attend the rehearsal.

It is also important not to have too many extra people at the rehearsal as it can be disrupting and distracting. If there are children attending, please designate an adult to supervise them.

Rehearsals are usually 45 minutes to one hour in length. Please emphasize the importance of being on time to your wedding party members. If you are having a dinner, the rehearsal will be before it.

In addition, all members of the wedding party are expected to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages prior to both the rehearsal and the wedding. A wedding is often a time of nervousness and high emotion. Drinking alcohol can add an unwanted and undesired extra source of stress to the occasion. The clergy may refuse to perform the ceremony if this expectation has been violated. Please make this expectation clear to your wedding party.


The marriage license must be applied for within 30 days of the wedding. There is a waiting period of three business days between application and pick-up of the license. Please contact the county clerk’s office for current license requirements. The license must be given to the clergy or wedding coordinator at the rehearsal. The wedding cannot take place without the license.

Prayerful consideration and planning for your wedding will make it a memorable event for you, your families, and friends. The Milford United Methodist Church family lifts up your marriage in our prayers as you start this journey. We hope the worship and fellowship of the church will be an important part of your life together.

God bless your marriage.


  Wedding Fees

The Wedding Date Request Form must be sent to the church secretary along with the $150 deposit. Upon receipt of these items and approval of Rev. Doug McMunn or Rev. Sherry Foster, the wedding, and rehearsal dates will be reserved on the church calendar. The organist should be contacted immediately if organ music is desired.

*Deposit – Member                $150 Deposit/Building Use Fee – Non-Member                                   $150 Basic Custodial Fee                 $ 75 Officiating Clergy Honorarium (minimum)                               $300 **Wedding Coordinator (Rehearsal & Ceremony)                           $150

***Organist (Rehearsal & Ceremony)                               $150 ****Sound System Tech.       $ 75 *****Candelabra Fee             $ 50

*For members, the deposit is refundable after the wedding provided extra custodial work is not needed. All deposits are refundable until 3 months before the wedding date.

**The wedding coordinator will assist with organizing the rehearsal, receiving delivery and placement of flowers, directing the wedding party during dressing and last-minute preparations/emergencies, directing and lining up the participants, providing light refreshments for the wedding party, and in general, make sure that everything runs smoothly. The wedding coordinator will meet with you at one of the pre-marital counseling sessions to go over your  plans.

***Our organists are available for weddings requesting organ music.

****Music other than organ music may be provided by the wedding party.


Wedding Date Request Form