Milford United Methodist Church 

1200 Atlantic Street, Milford, MI  48381


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"God’s grace is sufficient for you, 
God’s power is made perfect in our weakness."  

--II Corinthians 12:8


Milford United Methodist Church History

In 1835, a bible society was formed in Milford to provide each destitute family with a bible. Two classes had been formed by or in 1837 and meetings were held at the Vincent School. After the Great revival of the fall of 1842 and the winter of 1842, the Methodists of Milford felt the need for a sanctuary. The lot for the church, called the "Little White Church", was located at the south end of Union St., just three lots up from Canal St. on the East side of the road.

The church can be seen in the middle of the picture on the left (above this paragraph). The church was built in 1844, was 18x44x12 feet high, and its cost is unknown.


"During the church service, in the Little White Church, the ladies sat on one side and the men on the other and all were seated as they came in. The seating was done from the front of the sanctuary to the back. The choir had seats in a raised section in the NE corner. Here, a minister read two lines of a hymn and the congregation responded by singing the same two lines using a well-known tune that would fit the lines."

 --As described by William Harlow in a 'History of the Church' read at the 1936 Centennial

In the the 1870's, the 'Little White Church' had become too small for Milford's ever growing Methodist population. In 1875, an admission charge for adults of 25 cents and 10 cents for children was collected to help furnish the new church. $50.00 total was obtained via this method. The official dedication day for the new church was January 8, 1876. The building committee reported a total cost (land and church, which is 42x70 feet) of $8,975. A debt of $1,990 remained, but was quickly given by pledges. The present church was built in 1967, and was built for slightly more than $300,000.
Church in 1844
Sanctuary in 1844
Church in 1876
Sanctuary in 1876
Church in 1967
Sanctuary in 1967
Present Day Church